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The concept

Yu-Tennis Sports Agency is working in seven different areas each of them being an independent elaborate system of services. At the same time all these directions form the Yu-Tennis concept, the main idea of which is to find the answers to any of the questions concerning the world of tennis our customers may have. This means that Yu-Tennis concept basically covers all the aspects of tennis life, no matter if you are a professional player or tennis is just your hobby.

Of course, we are nor claiming to know everything. But our experience and cooperation with the specialists in different areas permit us to find the right solution in a short time and overtake all the organizational issues. So you can just enjoy your favorite sport.

We are working in the following directions:

  • Take your practice to the new level
  • Reach your best physical shape
  • Stay healthy and play tennis in any age
  • Make the most of your tennis career
  • Travel without any problems
  • Use your mental skills as a weapon
  • Organize a perfect sports event