Yulia Beygelzimer
Sports Agency

+38 (099) 559 4131


The team

Beygelzimer_Yulia Beygelzimer Yulia,
Director of the Agency,
head of Yu-practice,
Yu-management, Yu-mental
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Petrov_photo Petrov Evgeniy,
Fitness coach,
Head of Yu-fitness
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Doc_photo_short Marunchak Igor,
Sports doctor,
Head of Yu-health
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Beygelzimer_Mark_free Beygelzimer Mark,
Deputy Director of the Agency,
Head of Yu-travel, Yu-event
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Pavlyukov Mykhailo,
tennis coach
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Goncharov_photo Goncharov Pavel,
Events manager (Yu-event)
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Didenko Didenko Vadim,
Sports doctor (Yu-health)
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We are working in the following directions:

  • Take your practice to the new level
  • Reach your best physical shape
  • Stay healthy and play tennis in any age
  • Make the most of your tennis career
  • Travel without any problems
  • Use your mental skills as a weapon
  • Organize a perfect sports event