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This page was not supposed to be on the site because Yulia did not want to write about herself. But as her first coach I think

it’s important because otherwise you may miss some of the main features of her approach to tennis. Yulia has achieved

most of what in today's tennis can be expected without a stable support of the state or any sponsors. She entered

the top 100 of tennis players in the world (the best place - 83 in singles and 56 in doubles). She won 50 professional tournaments,

including 3 of the WTA tournament in doubles and 12 ITF tournaments in singles. For many years Yulia participated in all four

Grand Slam tournaments, 7 times passing through the qualification to the main draw (at Roland Garros, Wimbledon and US Open).

Yulia was not 17 yet when she became first Ukrainian European junior champion under 18 and for the moment nobody

in Ukraine has repeated this achievement. Before her this title owned Martina Hingis and Anna Kournikova. Until now

she admits that those moments when after winning the final of the European Championship the Ukrainian national anthem

was played in her honor, are still the most significant moments for her in her tennis career.

  Mavrodiy Olga - Honored tennis coach
of Ukraine. She worked with 11 masters
of sports of the USSR and Ukraine.
For 14 years (1990-2014) -
Yulia Beygelzimer's coach


In general, Yulia always saw playing for the national team as top priority and performed for the country with the particular enthusiasm. Her sensational victory

in 2002 over Magdalena Maleeva (#16 WTA at that time) for the first time led our team into the Fed Cup playoffs World Group. In total, Yulia played for the team

of Ukraine in the Fed Cup 7 seasons, 32 matches, of which she won 19, three times the team with her participation came out of the first Euro-African zone

of the playoffs World Group (2002, 2004 and 2007).


As for me taking in consideration her sport performance Yulia Beygelzimer is in the top 10 best tennis players in the history of Ukraine. But this is not the main thing.

What is important is that her way on the tennis court together with her diverse experience and outstanding personal qualities led her to a clear understanding

of the special approach to how to achieve success in tennis. Approach, which she has named "Yu-Tennis".


Yulia was never known for very powerful shots or fast serves. But many times she has beaten players who were physically stronger than her. The strongest side

of Yulia is the ability to think on the court, to find unexpected solutions, use the opponent's weaknesses. Her game style can be called SMART tennis.

Within 5 years, Yulia has worked with foreign coaches and she was able to assess the features of their approach. She has her own experience on how is it better

to communicate and work with a professional player. Since 2010 she came back to practicing in Ukraine and held several successful seasons. During this time

she achieved brilliant victories over top players (Flavia Penetta, Eugenie Bouchard, Kirsten Flipkens), returned to the top 100 world ranking in doubles and to

the top 150 in singles.

It is very important that during this final period of her career, Yulia kept improving her game, trying to keep up with the fast development of tennis. Although now

young players have a very different level of the game comparing to what it was 5-7 years ago, Yulia can play and beat them in a modern manner. She clearly knows

and understands how the tennis was played yesterday, how it is played today, and how it will be played tomorrow.

Thanks to very professional and competent attitude as well as planning of her training and competition periods Yulia Beygelzimer was able to avoid serious injuries

and spent the longest professional career among all the Ukrainian players (15 years and she continues to play). Only when she was 31 year old Yulia faced a “hidden”

injury that caused her to lose a lot of power and speed without being obvious. Going through this health problem she took it as an irreplaceable experience that can

be useful in her future.


Yulia has a very versatile personality. She has finished a university holding the bachelor diploma in international relations, fluently speaks English and French,

on the same time speaking German and Spanish. Yulia is an author of the remarkable book "We're going to the tournament, or around the tennis in 80 days"

(she has written it in 2008, while lying in a gyps cast with a foot injury), regularly writes articles published in sports magazines,

mostly in Ukrainian «Tennis Club» magazine.


I am very pleased that I was Yulia’s first coach and very happy that during our 14 years of working together we have passed all the stages of her development

as a player starting from the first shots and getting to the top 100 of the WTA Tour singles ranking. As a child she did not stand out among the other girls.

But during career she eventually has achieved everything. So far, we maintain the very good and close relationship. And I can confidently say: Yulia Beygelzimer

knows not only WHAT to do to get results in tennis, but also HOW to do it!