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Frequently Asked Questions

How Yu-Tennis could help me improve my game?

We will make an individual training program based on your technical and physical conditions. Our specialists will advise you on what can help you improve you game. With Yu-Tennis you are going to reach your best level and show the consistent results.

Where does Yu-Tennis operate?

Originally based in Ukraine our agency works with professionals all around the world. We like to travel and do not limit our work within one place. So no matter where you are at the moment you can always contact us for any questions. Please find the contact details on the related page of our website. Whenever you need our help we are there.

How can I join Yu-Tennis?

To join Yu-Tennis you simply have to work with us for as long as three months. In our agency we believe that systematic approach is very important when you want to get the best results. Working with an athlete on every-day basis will permit our staff to make sure everything is done in a right way and to correct the training program depending on the situation. We will know you better and have the opportunity to help you reach your goals when you make a part of our team. Join Yu-Tennis today!

I have a sport injury. How Yu-Tennis could help me to recover?

Sports injuries are very different from the ones we get in normal life. That's why it's so important to consult the sports doctors and physiotherapists. We are cooperating with the sports medicine specialists working with professional athletes for a long period of time so they know exactly what is so specific about the sports injuries. Our staff will make all the necessary checks, find the correct treatment and draw the rehabilitation program so you are back on the court and ready to go!

What is the difference between Yu-Tennis and any other sports organization?

In our agency we perfectly understand how many different things the athlete has to think about every day. To make it easier for him to concentrate on his game we are ready to help and share our knowledge and experience on every-day basis or as a one-time consultation. The diversity of services provided in one place as well as the high professional level of our staff stand together for our strength. We try to find the best solutions as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I am starting to play the tournaments. What should I know about the rules?

Every tournament held by any professional or amateur tennis organization is subject to its rules and regulations. You can find these rules on the website of such organization (for example, ITF website) or follow the link on our agency's website. Please pay attention to the chapter related to the entry and withdrawal procedures, table of penalties and fines, hospitality rules as well as the point calculation system for the different categories of the tournaments. Our staff will be happy to help you to find the answers about the rules you are looking for.

Could Yu-Tennis help with obtaining my visa for another country?

If you are planning to compete abroad you should pay serious attention to visa matters and start the process in advance. For example, depending on the time you need to have to obtain the necessary visa you may chose the tournaments on your schedule. Should you have any questions about the visa procedure, filling out the visa application form or the documents on visa check list please do not hesitate to contact our staff. Please pay attention that some embassies require the personal presence of visa applicant.