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The level of tennis has grown up so much in the last few years, that it’s difficult to show consistant results in the competitions without being in good physical shape. Although physical strength is just one of the components you need for success. Tennis player’s body is constantly under the stress because of frequent travelling from one tournament to another, surface change as well as big quantity of the matches played throughout the year. That’s why it’s very important to build up solid physical base from the very young age. It will let the athlete to stay away from injuries in the future and achieve his maximum potential.
On the other hand it’s important to remember that victory on the tennis court is a primary goal of the player. It means that any fitness training should be done in accordance with the goals set in view of improving the level of tennis.
Yu-fitness concept is based on the systematic approach that seeks to work on every necessary component of your physical condition and provides sports longevity.

Our services
  • Fitness coach services
  • Specific tennis-related fitness coach services
  • Consulting on general fitness and specific tennis-related fitness matters
  • Developement and follow-up of personalized exercise complex for specific needs
  • Developement and follow-up of personalized long-term fitness program