Yulia Beygelzimer
Sports Agency

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Since quite a few years the world of professional tennis is spread far beyond the tennis court lines. To make a good tennis career it’s not enough just to play good. Now athletes are forced to meet many challenges regarding organizational as well as financial matters
This is when the strong professional team is needed to be able to overtake such things as communication with the media, finding of the potential sponsors and contracts for the player, etc.
We propose you to focus on your game and let Yu-management team to take care of all the things around.

Our services
  • Research of the sponsors for the players
  • Advising on sponsorship agreements
  • Consulting services regarding the drafting of the player-sponsor agreement
  • Services of player’s agent
  • Consulting and research of technical and equipment contracts
  • Creation of the player’s personal websiте
  • Cooperation with the Ukrainian and foreign specialists in different tennis fields