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There are many books and articles written on a sports psychology topic. Of course it’s all very individual and the advice that would work for one person may be absolutely no help for another.
Tennis is a special sport where a player has a very little time to take the decision. You compete one against one and during the whole match have to control your emotions and stay strong no matter what is the score. On my opinion somebody, who has never played tennis or at least made some other sport at the professional level, can not fully understand what does the player feel on court while competing at the tournament. As they say, to know how to play and to know how to win are two completely different things.
Yu-mental will give you a possibility to share the difficult moments on and off the court with the specialists who actually went through the things and know how does it feel under the stress. We will show you how to turn each situation in your favor, help you to win tough matches and make you believe in yourself.

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