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Travelling is part of the tennis player’s career. Sometimes in one year an athlete would go around the world. And this would be a very different trip from the one of an average tourist as there is hardly ever enough time to rest and acclimatize before the start of the competition. The difficulty of the journey has a direct impact on the physical condition of the sportsmen, and this, on the other hand, will have big influence on his results.
Moreover, travel and hotel expenses usually constitute quite a big part of tennis player’s budget. The easiest and shortest way to get from one place to another may often be the more expensive one. So one needs to be reasonable and look for cheaper solutions.
That is why it is very important to plan the trip correctly and find the right balance between the price and the time of your journey. Using many years of our experience on the professional tour, Yu-travel team will make all the necessary arrangements to save your energy, time and money and so you can concentrate on your game.

Our services
  • Optimal journey planning
  • Ticket reservation
  • Hotel reservation
  • Consulting and help in getting the necessary visas
  • Consulting and help in any other organization matters related to travelling