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The TV broadcast tennis matches often

feature standard statistics: % first serve,

% points won, etc. These indexes may

be of interest to the ordinary viewer,

but give very little information for

the specialist.


Yu-Tennis agency owns the author's

method of comprehensive statistical

analysis of the match (created in 2013).

This analysis will allow you not only 

to improve the game of your player, 

but also to choose the right tactics of

the game against a particular opponent.


Full match statistics includes, besides

the usual data (fig.1), more than 400 

indexes on the chosen player. They

makes possible to evaluate and

compare, in particular:


Quality of forehand and backhand

shots (fig.2,3)


• Quality of return from forehand and

backhand from the deuce and advantage

sides (fig.2,3)


• Skill to play the key points (fig.4)


• Preferential direction of the serve

in the deuce and advantage sides,

particularly in the key points (fig.5)


• Preferential direction of the return 

in the deuce and advantage sides,


particularly in the key points (fig.5)


• Skill to play in moving on the court


• Skill to play high (low) balls


• Skill to play deep (short) balls


• Skill to play long points


and many others you need



Fig.1. Standard data


Fig.2. Quality of return and rebound shots 



Fig.3. Strong and weak side from which the rally starts 



Fig.4. Skill to play the key points in a game 


Fig.5. Directions of the first and the second serve